Genius Estrogen Balance

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🟠 Mood & Menopause Relief: Reduces mood swings and menopausal symptoms.

🟠 Estrogen Blocker for Men: Enhances libido, reduces body fat, and boosts energy.

🟠 Hormonal Support: DIM and Grape Seed manage estrogen and testosterone levels.


Not sure how I feel about it, need more time to determine if it's helping or not. UPDATE; Dec. 22. This pill is amazeballs! Lol! I'm 51yr old female, life long fitness fanatic, always had flat stomach, 6pack abs, happy every single day, never sweat the small stuff and had the patience of a saint lol! Then Menopause started at 49 and everything changed, (I never changed eating habits), fat accumulated on lower stomach, I was no longer happy everyday, stupid things & everyone, irritated me, (I work at a restaurant), my once beautiful thick long blonde curly hair was coming out by the hand full with every shower I took. I did alot of research & Decided to try this pill along with progesterone cream, I'm ECSTATIC AND AMAZED! EVERY side effect disappeared. My mind and body are back to how I was before the menopause started. I'm putting it on auto ship cuz i forgot to order another bottle in time and I ran out, so I went Thurs, Frid, sat, & sund without the pill and OH BOY! I felt the difference rite away and it showed, I was dishing out plates of irritation with a big sides of complaining lol!! Can I call it "salvation in a bottle?" Lol! I preach to my friends who are needlessly dealing with the same effects I did. Some of them didn't even relate their changes or symptoms to pre/post menopause until I asked. Because it gradually sneaks up on u. There's no need to be miserable before, after, or during menopause!


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Richard M.

Genius Estrogen Balance

Brenda P.
Great product

It has helped me in so many ways. I like that it is not a chemical product and it really helps to balance my moods

Carrie N.
Great addition

Helps with perimenopause and pms, wish I’ve had this my whole adult life tbh! I’ve used other natural estrogen supplements that do the same thing for much more money. Please don’t stop making it Genius!

Julie D.

So happy I discovered this.

Erin M.

Awesome product! I wanted to try it because of the reviews that it helps with PMDD. So far, I am pleased, though it’s only been a week. Any relief is welcome, and this has done more than any Rx or supplement I’ve tried.