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Full Doses. Full Potential.

It’s time for better results. Our products are packed with the full amount of necessary nutrients that fit with your lifestyle, your goals, and your health.

We’re Not Trying to Outsmart You

For years, shady companies carelessly flooded the supplement world with filler ingredients, label dusting, and “proprietary blends.”

Enough of that.

At The Genius Brand, it’s our policy to be fully transparent about what’s in our products so you can be a Genius, too.

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We believe that using the highest quality ingredients is the key to creating exceptional products that truly make a difference.

To learn more on WHY we handpicked each GENIUS ingredient click the button below and let’s dive deeper!

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You’re a Genius

Success stories are everyday stories. Check out a few of our community’s highlights.

Great Life Hack

I'm on my 18th bottle! Not because I was depressed, sleep-deprived, or suffering from any particular physical or mental conditions other than post-menopausal sluggishness. Anyone who has that knows it's "a thing!" So, I don't start my day without Genius Joy. It lifts the fog, helps me focus, and lets me tap into a calm (not frenetic) kind of energy.

Gayle Carney - Genius Joy

Tasty, Clean & Effective

I do Crossfit 5-7 days a week, sometimes twice per day. I started searching for a new quality product, clean ingredients, good taste, effective and metabolizes quickly. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY NEW BRAND!! So far I have only tried the Blue Raspberry flavor, but I'm willing to try the others. I also want to try some of their other products.

P.s. I hit 3 all time PRs in the first week of using it! Thank you for holding your products to a higher standard!

Karah Grodt - Genius Pre