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4 Pillars of the Genius Mindset

The Question: Is genius something you're born with or can it gradually be developed? I've spent quite a bit of time researching that question and the answer ultimately becomes dependent on how exactly you define "genius". While there are several definitions, I consider the following to be the most thorough.  Genius: a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect. It's been shown that our brains have the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning. This concept is known as neuroplasticity and I go into greater detail on the subject here.  Shouldn't that scientifically...

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Scientifically Proven Strategies to Increase Brain Power

One of the most fascinating, breakthrough discoveries in the twentieth century belongs to the field of neuroscience. The idea of neuroplasticity has given way to an entirely new school of thought which has led us to rethink an engrained set of ideas ranging from our diets to the way we approach workout routines. Change is difficult for most but the science certainly suggests answers for why that is as well! Before deep-diving into the topic and discussing ways we optimize our lives for exponential brain growth, we should first start by defining exactly what neuroplasticity actually is. Neuroplasticity (noun): The...

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There are countless references to the heart throughout our society. The heart is one of the most prominent symbols of love and that symbol is passed around liberally to show appreciation to loved ones. But we at Genius think self-love is just as important. A simple but radical approach to self-love is taking care of yourself and promoting longevity. One of the best ways to do that is to take care of your heart. This is something that is strangely overlooked. We have tons of cartoon hearts on display in February, but rarely do we discuss your anatomic heart, the...

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WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL WITH ARTIFICIAL COLORS? One of the most beloved drinks of American children is Kool-Aid. It is deliciously sweet, the Kool-Aid man is awesome and the vibrant red color is enticing, especially to the young, eager eyes that are the primary consumers. As a teen, my friend’s and I sometimes referred to Kool-Aid as Sugar, Water, Red. When you look at the ingredients, there really isn’t much more to it than that. We all know what sugar and water is, but where does the red come from? The coloring comes from Red-40, which is one of the...

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WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU? I’m not talking about the old UPS slogan. I’m talking about a much more important brown – that’s right, I’m talking about poop. Poop gets a bad rap, but it is such good indicator of what our digestive health is like. Recent research has shown that a healthy gut can have a lot of positive downstream effects. There is even the revolutionary treatment called fecal microbiota transplant. Colloquially known as “transpoosions” (1). Yes, they are transferring poop from a healthy person to a sick person and has been shown to be effective in treating...

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When I was in high school, creatine was all the rage. Everyone knew about it, but nobody really understood it. It felt like a secret cheat code. A shortcut to getting big. We saw these increases in strength and recovery, so naturally, we equated them to legal steroids. We also noticed anger  in those who used creatine, or as we saw it —“roid rage”. Turns out, creatine is just an effective supplement. The gains were real and the anger — that was just teenage hormones. So, this is a letter to my younger self to explain why creatine isn’t like...

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  Non-stimulant preworkout formulas have seen a huge surge in popularity recently. Perhaps it’s due to a number of industry-leading coaches disparaging caffeine’s vasorestrictive (aka. vascularity dampening) effects, perhaps the fitness community has moved on and grown since the semi-ban of DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine), or perhaps everyone’s already cracked out on caffeine from every supplement between protein and BCAAs being supplemented with doses of stimulants. The team over at Genius has capitalized on this stimulant conscious market effectively with the introduction of Genius Pre – an ergogenic and nootropic blend with hefty dosing of some of the more novel ingredients available...

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The Truth About Testosterone Boosters

Want to get big fast? Want a libido like a porn star’s? Want to become a Centaur? Keep looking.  (But please let me know if you find out how to become a Centaur; that sounds awesome.) These outrageous claims are seen all over the supplement industry. Propriety is defined as the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals. The problem is that testosterone supplements in the fitness industry have succumbed to the conventional behavior of exaggeration and are known for outlandish claims of this nature. This line of rhetoric has become standard in our...

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