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🟠 Muscle Growth: MyHMB® and Mediator® enhance lean mass and protein synthesis.

🟠 Boost Stamina: PeakO2® mushrooms improve oxygen use and endurance.

🟠 Performance Enhancement: HMB and Vitamin D3 boost muscular function.

Flavor: Strawberry Vanilla Cream

After using Genius muscles now for over a month, I have definitely noticed my muscles feel fuller and I’ve gained strength/size. Definitely has become a staple in my workout routine and supplement plan. Highly recommend!

Tyler Meyers

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Chase D.


Herson L.
Love it !

I found the genius product real good. Give me a good boost for my work out.

Altay U.

Genius Muscle

Best Non-Hormonal Muscle Builder

I’ve used this genius muscle on and off for three years and I absolutely love it. I went from 6’4 195 to 228 lean without any testosterone or PEDs. Within the first two months of taking this stuff I was up 10 pounds of solid muscle. Yes it’s expensive but so are many other products, most of which are junk or have side effects. To me, it’s worth it.

Jon B.
Really works, but is it worth the price?

I was hesitant to start this product, even though I had tried and liked several other products by Genius, just because it was so expensive. I finally gave in and by the end of the 1st tub, I was pretty sure I could see a difference, but not positive. By the end of the 2nd tub, I could definitely see more muscle definition. Now it was nowhere near the dramatic results in the promotional pics, but it was undisputably there. I still use it today, but at the cost of about $3 a serving, it's always a hard choice. Noticeable results? Yes. Dramatic results? Not really. Worth the cost? That's for you to decide. Despite still using it, I'm constantly on the fence.