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GENIUS BCAA will upgrade your daily amino energy consumption and nourish both your brain and your physique with the premium fuel source it needs to reach and sustain peak performance, boost cognitive function, and accelerate muscle recovery.* We source the best BCAAs, using InstAminos® Vegan amino acids, made through fermentation. Genius BCAA supports high performance support with Rhodiola Rosea, Taurine and Cognizin® Citicoline to help improve focus, reduce occasional stress, and optimize yourself daily!* Fuel your mind and your muscle!

Flavor: Power Orange


I love this product. The flavor is great, I feel energized and I’m thankful that there are no suspicious sweeteners hidden inside.

Kate S

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

Angela H.

My order was lost, I have yet to receive it. I’ve ordered before with no problems. Your company is sending my order out today

Eric H.
Really helps with rejuvenating me!

As a 57 year old I really love using the BCAA from Genius Brand. I do 4 bootcamps a week and really need boost and recovery I get from this awesome supplement! Highly recommend!

Tyron S.

Great product. No Sucralose like these other products, which is a plus. I use it everyday and it gives me an added boost before, during, and after my workouts.

Adolfo C.
I really like the BCAA from Genius

I prefer the grape lime flavor over the orange, but this Genius BCAA has a good balance of aminos, plus the small amount of caffeine derived from coffee beans and Taurine and Citicoline blends. I prefer not taking a pre-workout so this is a great intra- and post workout powder.