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🟠 Sharper Focus & Faster Reactions: Teacrine®, Dynamine™, and Cognizin® boost cognitive performance for peak gaming.

🟠 Sustained Energy: Enhanced motivation and mood without caffeine crashes.

🟠 Eye Health Protection: Lutemax combats blue light strain for extended gaming sessions.


I may not be a gamer, but as a communications director, I work in front of a computer daily. This does seem to help me stay focused on my multiple tasks throughout the day and remember everything I need to do. I noticed a difference on the days I don't take the supplement. I also have more energy without any jitters.

Allen Jacobs

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Cesar J.

Do I get discount when I do survey?

Emily S.
Excellent Focused Energy

I work from my computer for 10 hours a day, and this gave me intense focus for a couple of hours with no crash.