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GENIUS MINDFULNESS is a powerful cognitive booster and stress relief supplement that enhances memory and focus while supporting peace of mind and general wellness. "The Power of Blueberries" Genius Mindfulness acts additionally as an antioxidant supplement thanks to the nutritional benefits of BorealBlue blueberry blend. Sourced from North American blueberry species in the boreal regionsPatented ingredient Neurofactor™ provides a unique profile of polyphenols, shown in clinical studies to stimulate production of Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), a key neuroprotein vital to learning, memory, and higherthinking.* 

I love nootropics, trying to find the combination of supplements that work for me to optimize mental performance. It can be expensive and sometimes disheartening to keep trying various products only to find little or no change in mental acuity, memory, or cognitive performance. After a month of tinkering with my supplement stack, I have found what works WONDERFULLY for me with Genius Mindfulness. Hopefully this review may help you too.

Amber C

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Kyle F.

Genius Mindfulness

Bonnie D.
Genius Brand has great vitamins and supplements

I use many different types of Genius supplements: Consciousness, Caffeine, Joy, Mindfulness…. All great vitamins that I can tell help my mood, energy and wakefulness.

Hugo C.

Genius Mindfulness

Tyler T.
Great as always

Awesome burst of mental acuity.

it helps forgetfulness

I tried it to help me with remembering words while talking. I just can't seem to pull up the word I'm thinking of anymore, at times. It seems to be helping - there is still a pause when I'm looking for certain words during conversation, but they do come to me now. I've used it for 3 months.