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GENIUS CONSCIOUSNESS is a combination of premium all-natural, brain enhancing ingredients brought together in an all-in-one, great tasting daily drink for high performance thinking. Formulated with researched and trademarked ingredients such as Alpha Size®, SerinAid®, NeuroFactor®, Dynamine® and Lions Mane to help provide mental capacity support in all significant areas of measures in key brain functions, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, mood, and focus.*

Flavor: Watermelon


Energy & Focus! This product did not lie about the "consume 15 minutes before...". Within 15 minutes I felt like I was ready to go. My other half even made fun of me a little bit cause I was so chatty and ready to plan the next 3 years. However, not in a crazy, disorganized, "speedy" manner. I was just very energized and focused and super motivated.

Emily L

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That extra spark that gets you going in the morning.

My husband has Parkinson's and he started using Genius Consciousness about 9 months ago. We chose this product based on the excellent reviews it got.
We were not disappointed. A scoop full mixed with water every morning gives him the extra spark he needs to get him up and moving. It has helped clear his foggy brain and help memory. I would highly recommend it based on our experience.

Dan H.
Cognitive Performance Improvements

I've reached or passed retirement age, but I'm still working in a extremely technical career field. I have noticed a bit of normal cognitive decline over the past 2 years and have been searching for memory and cognitive performance products to help keep me sharp. I have done extensive testing (for several months each) of 4 different highly-rated cognitive improvement products. After all of these personal tests, Genius Consciousness wins the cognitive performance improvement challenge! I get up every morning, mix my Genius Consciousness drink, and I'm ready to start building technology plans and programs. Best, DWH

michelle h.
Love this product

I take this product almost everyday. I have let at least 10 people try it and have given them the info to order it. Keep making it and keep the price affordable.

Nate P.


John B.
The Genious Brand

Great Product. Did the FDA pull your products off the shelf?
How about a discount code on my next order.