Genius Mushrooms

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🟠 Enhanced Focus with Lion’s Mane: Supports cognition and mental clarity.

🟠 Vital Energy from Cordyceps: Boosts ATP for sustained vitality and endurance.

🟠 Robust Immunity by Reishi: Strengthens immune health and enhances well-being.

Serving Size: 30 Servings

Wow, this has been an extraordinary product thus far. It's really convenient and beneficial to have all 3 powerful mushrooms in 1 complex. It took a little bit of consisentcy to see the results, but after a week or so I was really feeling focused and overall locked in from the Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps.

Derek H

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Jim T.
Anxiety relief

I enjoy all the mushrooms genius sells.
This mix helps me get thru the day.

Kenny T.
It works

I have been talking this for a few months now and it really does help me with memory and patience hopefully you continue to make it for years and years to come Thank you

Super Woman Pills

I have been using Genius Mushrooms for over a year now. I am a busy farmer and used to use energy drinks to keep up with the energy needed for my job and lifestyle, but hated the crashes & sleep disturbances associated with energy drinks. Then I found Genius brand. The suggestion serving size is 3 capsules, but I find that taking 2 every morning is the right dosage for me. From sunrise to sunset, I have even-keeled energy, focus and happiness. I can get everything that needs to be done done and if something else comes up, I have the energy for that as well. Sundays are my day off, I like to take a day off from the mushrooms, as well, to give myself a “reset” then start over again on Monday & this works well for me. I sleep well at night, I don’t get sick and my happiness and focus are 110%. When I am asked what my secret is, I tell everyone about Genius brand and the Genius mushrooms.

C H.
found the right combo

2 mushrooms, 1 lions mane, 1 caffeine - morning and late afternoon. Works great for me!

Dawn T.
Genius mushrooms

They are great! I didn't realize how much they work until I ran out for a week. When I started taking them again, I could really feel the difference in how much more focused I was. It's also a plus, that they are 3rd party tested.