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GENIUS DIET PILLS is your smart solution to combat compulsive snacking & support weight management. This stimulant-free weight loss wonder includes the studied ingredient SATIEREAL® Saffron, which has been shown to help control food cravings while helping mitigate mood swings associated with dieting. In addition, GENIUS DIET PILLS incorporates 5-HTP, an ingredient that aids weight loss by promoting a sense of fullness & assists in mood stabilization. This formula is designed to be a powerful ally for those seeking to shed a few pounds, drop a few sizes, or simply adopt healthier eating habits. Unlock your potential and embark on your journey towards a happier, healthier you!*

It's only been a few days, and the scale already reflects a difference! I'm using Genius Diet stacked with Genius Pro-GT, and Genius Estrogen Balance for maximum results. I'm a 43 year old woman, who never had weight issues until this past year. I know, I know. I was the woman you all hate. I could eat half a chocolate cake and LOSE a pound. But this last year my metabolism all but stopped (thanks a lot premenopause) and I gained nearly 50 pounds. My confidence hit rock bottom when diet and exercise didn't drop it. So, I did a TON of research and found Genius. I am not being paid for my review. I am actually shocked that these work!! I am stacking all 3 together for balance and weight burn, but I also have a ton of new energy! And, I feel happy! I'm sleeping better, and generally feel pretty great! The best part is.... I've dropped 6 pounds in just a few days!!!

Jacob L

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Beverly W.
Really helps!

I was totally skeptical when I made the purchase. Much to my grateful surprise, they really do curb my appetite! Happy!

Pamela E.
Great product

Very effective at reducing appetite. Will continue to purchase.

No change

No change…. Maybe too early , but undecided