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GENIUS TEST is made with premium, trademarked ingredients that increase free testosterone levels, decrease cortisol, and support libido and natural energy.* Genius Test delivers 1,000mg of KSM66 Aswagandha® for optimal testosterone levels and 250mg of Diindolylmethane to support conversion of harmful types of estrogen into weaker forms.* Our formula also includes PrimaVie® Skilajit-Fulvic Acid, clinically studied and shown to increase free and total testosterone levels.*

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Boosts Libido

The powerful quartet of PrimaVie, KSM-66, Fenugreek and Quercetin support natural production of testosterone, increased free testosterone levels, and antioxidant capacity to help boost libido and maintain a healthy hormone balance.*

Decreases Stress and Cortisol

Cortisol and testosterone have an inverse relationship -- the higher your levels of stress are, the higher cortisol levels are, and the lower testosterone is. Genius Test includes several agents that help reduce stress and decrease cortisol.*

Supports Estrogen Control

Diindolylmethane (DIM) supports the conversion of “bad” forms of estrogen into weaker forms that aren’t harmful to the body.*

Increased Energy, Focus & Mental Clarity

Genius Test supplies compounds that assist mitochondrial function, alleviate mental fatigue, and ameliorate stress, leading to greater energy, resiliency, and determination.*

When & How to Use

As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules, one serving, once a day with morning meal. The product is all-natural and does not need to be cycled.

How to Stack

Pre-Workout: Consume one serving of Genius Test alongside a serving of Genius Protein for a pre workout meal.

Added Fat Burning: Consume one serving of Genius Test along with one serving of Genius Burn with each of your morning and evening meals.

Increased Muscle Growth and Recovery: Consume one serving of Genius Test with your daily serving of Genius Muscle Builder.

Enhanced Sexual Performance and Nitric Oxide Production: Consume one serving of Genius Test with one serving of Genius L-Arginine.