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BRILLIANT BREW is a supercharged cocoa-flavored coffee alternative bursting with the power of 6 functional mushrooms and a total of 10 ingredients carefully formulated to support cognitive performance. Bid farewell to jitters as you embrace elite thinking and a wide range of benefits, all within the convenience of a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Brilliant Brew proudly features the key ingredient Zynamite®️, renowned for its ability to amplify natural energy levels and promote optimal sports recovery. Derived from mango leaves, Zynamite®️ has demonstrated its effectiveness in 8 clinical studies, supporting reaction time and combatting fatigue. The meticulously selected mushrooms in Brilliant Brew are designed to sharpen mental clarity, strengthen the immune system, and ignite focus, among other phenomenal benefits. Whether you’re kickstarting your day, recharging post-workout or looking for an afternoon pick-me-up indulge in Brilliant Brew to stay sharp and alert. Now, that’s pure Genius!

Flavor: Sweet Cocoa


I feel energized, & it has no side effect like coffee, which is like a diuretic. This stuff tastes like a hit chocolate drink. I add some cacao butter and milk for some extra calories & then I head off to my college. I think clearly for about 4 hours after drinking it.

Allen Norris

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The Genius Coffee Alternative

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Customer Reviews

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Very tasty

Really enjoying my first month of using the Brew. Very tasty, I look forward to drinking it in the morning. Helps with my energy levels throughout the day also.

WOW!! It's like hot cocoa + nootropic

Blown away by how good the original cocoa one tastes. Gives you a really nice clean energy. Coffee makes my stomach hurt and I get all jiterry, so Brilliant Brew has been a lifesaver.


Great flavor. Just enough caffeine to keep me going but not the crazy jolt of energy drinks. Plus the added nootropics really increase my creativity and problem solving.

Joel F.
Tastes like a hot chocolate, but satisfires my coffee craving

Love this. Was drinking 6 cups of coffee per day for last few years. When I tried to cut coffee before, I would get migraines, but with this, I was able to go down to 1 coffee per day first week, and now three weeks into it , I am completely coffee-free. Woohooo

Timothy S.
Noticeable Difference!

Due to an ever changing and demanding work schedule I’ve dealt with fatigue and “brain fog” for years. I was even prescribed Provigil for shift sleep disorder. I would take it sparingly as I don’t like being dependent on any type of RX. So, I recently stumbled across this brand and did some research and thought I’d give it a try as it looked promising.

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied! This has, without a doubt, improved my cognitive function. After taking this for a few days consistently the brain fog is gone. Even when I’m tired I can still think clearly and function as needed. I will be continuing to try different products from this brand and the Genius Mushrooms are a new daily staple in my regimen.