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🟠 Digestive Health: Morinaga B-3 enhances gut regularity and digestion.

🟠 Weight Control: GreenSelect® Green Tea boosts metabolism and manages fat.

🟠 Energy Boost: Caffeine-free energy from GreenSelect® without the jitters.


There’s so many different things I love about this probiotic formula, I’m not sure where to really start so I’ll jump to the wonderful addition of green tea! Each serving has 200mg of GreenSelect Phytosome caffeine-free standardized green tea extract and this is different from normal green tea because it’s more bioavailable. It has strong antioxidant and fat burning properties that work very well with the specific probiotic they use. GreenSelect is tested in all sorts of studies so I feel very good knowing that I’m getting absolute quality and the results seem to speak toward this as well.

Koda Ness

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Kevin S.

Very good. Not only helps with digestion but actually does help cut body fat. Helps tremendously with skin softness and energy. You just have a better overall healthier feeling.

Ruth W.
Not sure yet if it works

I just started taking them. So far no problems or bad effects. I will send another update to let you know how they are. Thank you.

Taylor K.

Genius Pro-GT