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🟠 Enhanced Hydration: Sustamine® boosts energy and endurance.

🟠 Cramp Defense: Rich in Magnesium and potassium to prevent cramps.

🟠 Pure & Natural: Free from artificial additives, ideal for keto and athletes.

Flavor: Orange Fizz

have to say this product works awesome. I like the taste as well. Last week, I went to Colorado for a few days for the Great American Brewfest and took the electrolytes with me. Being that I like craft beers and hate hangovers, I figure this product would do the trick. Yes, it worked to keep me hydrated with 3 of the main ingredients: sea salt, magnesium and potassium. After sampling about 50 or so beers (who's counting), I made sure to drink the 16oz. of water with the electrolytes. The next day, no hangover! In fact, I felt good the next day and had a little more to make sure I stayed hydrated. Drinking plain water is not nearly enough when you drink, and I hate taking ibuprofen - it's bad enough I gave my liver a workout at the brewfest then Oktoberfest for the next two days with no hangover and was still able to do some pedalflow.

Tony D

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Jody V.
Genius electrolytes

Tasty! Fast shipping!
Thank you!!

Patricia C.

Genius Electrolytes

Lisa C.
Orange fizz

So much better than the other one - I hope you keep orange fizz in stock! It taste good, the other tastes bad.

Christopher R.
Taste good and mixes well

Love the taste, no problems mixing. Great addition to my daily supplements.

Marissa R.
Great product

I absolutely love this product - no artificial dyes or sugars and I still get my electrolytes in on hot days and after a good workout!