Eating, Living, and Exercising for your Heart and Mind

Eating, Living, and Exercising for your Heart and Mind

Heart disease is one of the biggest threats to the long-term health of men. According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States, representing about 1 in every 4 male deaths in 2019. [insert link:] The CDC also noted that “half of the men who die suddenly of coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms.”

Stress is also a risk factor for heart disease and mental health for men and women both, especially when it becomes chronic stress. The good news is that many of the activities that are good for managing stress also directly benefit your heart and body.

The best way to ensure a healthy heart and mind is to build up good habits over time and maintain them. We’ll provide you with nutritional tips, healthy habits, and supplements for supporting your heart, mind, and overall health.




  • Legumes such as black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, and soybeans are great for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Tea, especially green tea, helps to support artery health and lower cholesterol. Its natural L-Theanine content also supports feelings of relaxation and calm.

  • Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory benefits and provide antioxidants.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health, mood, and cognition. They can be obtained readily from walnuts, salmon (and other fatty fish like tuna and herring), and/or flaxseed.

  • Blueberries provide pterostilbene and anthocyanins, which are antioxidants shown to benefit the breakdown of fats and cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improve blood vessel elasticity. Studies have also found blueberries to be beneficial for stress.

Healthy Habits


  • Keep in touch with family and friends. Taking time to socialize, laugh, and share conversation is beneficial for stress, mood, and mental health.

  • Exercise! Whether it's regular walks or weight training, exercise can lower stress, burn fat, and improve your strength, endurance, and overall health.

  • Ensure that you get enough sleep. The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep has broad negative effects on the body and brain, including impaired memory, increased stress and blood pressure, reduced libido, and lower immune system function.

Genius Heart

For broad heart health support for all ages, we offer Genius Heart. Our formula focuses on premium nutrients like MicroActive™ CoQ10, MenaQ7™ Vitamin K2, and MegaNatural® BP Grape Seed Extract to encourage optimal blood flow, relaxed and pliable blood vessels, and maintain a healthy cholesterol balance. Set yourself up for a heart-healthy lifestyle that will provide you with more energy and endurance!


Genius Mindfulness

Genius Mindfulness is formulated to support memory and focus as well as stress relief. The ingredients include Sensoril® ashwagandha extract and North American blueberries from the boreal regions of the continent. Studies into ashwagandha have shown it supports cortisol reduction, helping to lower stress and blood pressure. Blueberries, as mentioned earlier, help with fat and cholesterol breakdown, blood pressure reduction, and blood vessel elasticity.

Genius Creatine

While the body requires small daily amounts of creatine to function normally, supplementing with creatine monohydrate is one of the safest and most well-documented ways for improving muscle growth and recovery. If you’re exercising to improve your body composition and beat stress, Genius Creatine offers premium creatine to supercharge your workouts and help you unlock your body’s full potential.

At The Genius Brand, we are dedicated to finding safe and optimal ways to unleash the best in all of us by bringing science and nature together. Remember that building a solid foundation for your physical and mental health will bring the greatest long-term value to your life. That means making great nutritional choices, taking the time to exercise your body and care for your mind, and choosing the right supplements to help you achieve your wellness goals one day at a time.

Stay brilliant and keep unlocking your own Genius each day!

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