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🟠 Boost Fat Loss: Thermogenic Capsimax® and Paradoxine® for visible results.

🟠 Sharper Focus: Cognizin® and TeaCrine® enhance energy without jitters.

🟠 Appetite & Stress Control: KSM-66® Ashwagandha for fewer cravings.


For starters, Genius Burn has been the most effective, all around best thermogenic fat burner I've ever used & I've used a whole lot of different fat burners throughout the years. I've consistently fluctuated weight over the years but I've almost always been overweight so when I say fluctuate, it was generally just from bad to worse back down to bad sometimes. On average, I've probably hovered to about 30 pounds overweight but I've gotten as high as 60 or 70 on more than one occasion. I had a good run with the mid 2000's versions of Hydroxycut that were loaded with Ephedrine. Prior to my go around with Genius, that was probably the closest I came to skinny but like so many other Americans, I think I might have done some damage to my thyroid & liver while taking Hydroxy. Once those were banned, losing weight became extremely extremely extremely difficult it seem like no matter what I did, I couldn't get the weight off! From that day forward, I also had this expectation that "good" fat burners needed to really make you feel like you were on meth kinda like ephedra did.


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Customer Reviews

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Alexi H.
Take it, it works

Another great Genius product. Take it everyday.

Simba Y.
Great stuff

As like most of Genius Brand products I've used, I'm loving this so far ❤

Hugo C.

Genius Burn

Abbi L.
My #1 Supplement

Genius Burn is a supplement that I cannot and will not go one day without! It gives me energy, makes my workouts so much easier, helps me recover quicker and doesn’t leave you with a mid-afternoon or evening drowsiness - it’s just solid energy for you all throughout the day and slowly wears off in the evening. 11/10, I buy it every month!

Tata P.
Great pills!

Works good and I don't have those weird feelings, just energy and -2,6% of fat during 2 weeks🤘🤘🤘