Mindfulness and Stress

Mindfulness and Stress

As we previously covered in last week’s blog there are different forms of stress, most being defined by how long they affect us.

Today, we’ll explore more of the mental aspects of stress and why they hinder us, and how our Genius Mindfulness supplement can help with some of the physiological sources of stress.

Stressors of the Mind

There’s no pretending that stress exists only in the mind, but a considerable amount of its impact starts at the psychological level and spreads from there. A few examples of how and why stress grows within the mind:

Perceived Competence
For any given challenge that comes our way in life, we have an initial period where we determine how much of a hardship it will be. This usually occurs quickly and is based as much on our idea of the challenge’s difficulty as our opinion of our ability to overcome it. Feeling overwhelmed comes in direct response to what we believe we can handle.

Present vs Future Orientation
There are benefits and consequences to primarily focusing on the present moment or the future. If there’s a fire spreading in your house, responding quickly in the present moment is crucial. However, it would be difficult to make any concrete plans for most goals you have for your life without an eye toward the future.

The benefit of a future-oriented viewpoint for handling stress is that planning ahead can help mitigate the impact of new stresses. Studies have found that individuals with a higher orientation on their future show more resilience and higher well-being when dealing with stressful situations.

Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with a problem and try to ignore it, procrastinating or even accommodating the issue. This is a coping method for stress in the short term but does nothing for its continual presence. Depending on the source of the stress, avoidance will grow the amount of stress experienced and may cause physiological changes as the constant burden of stress is tolerated.

Clear Away Stress with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present for a given period. This means we are aware of what we are doing and feeling without being overwhelmed or reactive toward incoming stresses. While mindfulness has a long history that goes back to ancient cultural, religious, and philosophical practices, it remains just as relevant today.

There is a host of scientific studies made on mindfulness and techniques for cultivating it within people. Not only does the science confirm that mindfulness is beneficial for stress management and well-being but also that there are reliable methods for achieving a state of mindfulness and increasing its value over time.

Benefits of Mindfulness for Stress

Mindfulness helps us interrupt our stress cycle, giving us greater control over how we respond to it. With consistent use, mindfulness practice builds up a natural resilience to stress within us:

  • Awareness of our thoughts means our stress response doesn’t immediately kick in. The need to react immediately to a stressful situation is reduced and we can consciously choose how we want to proceed.
  • Activity in the amygdala, the part of our brain that controls emotions and stress response, slows down when practicing mindfulness. This helps to lower stress and the impact of negative emotions.
  • Mindfulness increases sensitivity to what is occurring in our bodies and minds. Our awareness of physical and emotional needs increases, giving us a chance to address them before they can grow or contribute to other stresses.
  • Focus is improved, increasing our productivity and sense of well-being, which reduces stress further.

Genius Mindfulness

Our Genius Mindfulness supplement is formulated to support memory and focus as well as stress relief. Our main “hero” ingredient is Sensoril Ashwagandha extract, accompanied by NeuroFactor and BorealBlue blueberries, sourced from North American blueberries found in the boreal regions.


Ashwagandha is an herb with centuries of history throughout Africa and Asia as a natural aid for the body and mind, particularly for relaxation. This effect comes from how ashwagandha interacts with the stress hormone cortisol. Studies have shown that consuming moderate amounts of ashwagandha extract can reduce cortisol levels and overall stress by extension.

We include 250mg of Sensoril Ashwagandha, considered one of the purest extracts in the world, in each capsule of our Genius Mindfulness.


NeuroFactor is an extract created from coffee plant fruit. The extract contains minimal caffeine and provides the body with valuable polyphenols, shown in studies to help stimulate the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

BDNF is a neuroprotein that helps maintain our neurons, aiding in their growth, differentiation, and survival. This helps our brain form new connections and repair itself, which aids in learning, focus, and memory.


Blueberries are well known for their rich antioxidant content. The most nutritious blueberries in the world come from their native North America, particularly the Vaccinium family of blueberries, three members of which feature in our Genius Mindfulness formula. Blueberries are excellent for supporting your heart, immune system, and brain.

If you would like to purchase Genius Mindfulness and experience it for yourself, you can find it here! 

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