Natural Radiance & Vibrant Wellness with Genius Glow Potion

Natural Radiance & Vibrant Wellness with Genius Glow Potion
The secret to youthful, glowing skin is out:  Genius Glow Potion joins our Anti-Aging series as a premium formula for bringing out your skin’s natural best while supporting your mind, body, and spirit. We’ve designed a one-of-a-kind skincare supplement atop the reliable foundation of our Genius Mushrooms, uniting nootropics and cosmetic anti-aging.

We’re excited to finally share this amazing product with you. This will be a full exploration of our vision for Genius Glow Potion, the ingredients in this formula, and how you can maximize your benefits when drinking it. Let’s jump right in!

Beauty from Within

Topical products like creams, toners, and moisturizers are the mainstays of the beauty industry. Why then is Genius Glow Potion a beauty drink powder and not a topical? When it comes to antioxidants, the compounds that protect our cells and tissues from oxidative stress and damage, topical solutions are acute tools but limited in their lasting benefits.

Antioxidants are just as easily obtained from eating foods rich in them, and there’s evidence that this is the most effective way that we can receive them for our skin. When we consume antioxidants, they work through our bodies systemically, benefiting every part of our skin from head to toe. The catch is that the results are not as immediate as when applying a topical: Our skin needs about 3-5 weeks to fully renew its cells.

The other benefit of ingesting antioxidants is that they can help support and protect all of our tissues, not just our skin. Immune response, blood circulation, and Our goal with Genius Glow Potion is to amplify natural beauty from within and promote total wellness for your mind and body. That is why our formula is so rich in fruits, herbs, and even mushrooms that provide a variety of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory compounds.



Fruits and Veggies

Beetroot Juice Powder
Beetroot juice is dense with carotenoids, a class of primarily yellow, red, and orange pigments found in certain plants. Carotenoids are also antioxidants and two found in beets are beta-carotene and lutein, which help maintain skin health and appearance and improve eye health, respectively. 

Capros is a unique "super antioxidant" derived from Indian gooseberry extract, found to be a safe and potent source of polyphenols, a category of antioxidants that includes compounds like flavonoids and anthocyanins. Polyphenols on the whole offer beneficial protection against free radicals and have been shown in studies to support healthy immune system response. Clinical studies into Capros specifically have found it can support vascular health and reduction in LDL cholesterol levels.

Lemon Juice Powder
Lemon is naturally plentiful in flavonoids and excellent for hydration and anti-inflammatory effects. Citrus flavonoids have also been found in studies to support glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

Acai Berry Extract & Blueberry Extract
The tropical acai berry is dense in vitamins and essential fatty acids. The coloration of acai and blueberries comes from their anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that can help the body produce new collagen and maintain skin softness and elasticity.

Adaptogens & Nootropics

Rhodiola Rosea (Salidroside)
The flowering plant Rhodiola contains salidroside, a unique antioxidant found in clinical studies to help protect the skin from photoaging and exhibit neuroprotective qualities. Rhodiola has also been found in studies to help alleviate brain fog and stress and salidroside to support cognitive function.

Genius Mushrooms (Beta-glucans)
Our popular Genius Mushrooms formula includes three adaptogenic mushrooms: Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps. They are chosen for their antioxidants, nootropic qualities, immune system support, and energy-supplying compounds. The beta-glucans in mushrooms also help the body produce glucose molecules that help draw water to the skin, hydrating it.

Panax Ginseng (Ginsenosides)
Studies into Panax ginseng have found it can prevent skin aging thanks to its natural antioxidants, known as ginsenosides. Research into this form of ginseng has also found promising results for cognitive support and benefits for energy levels and healthy inflammation response.

Cosmythic is a remarkable natural extract created from French maritime pine. Clinical research, including double-blind studies, have found that this extract has a number of beneficial effects on the skin, including improvements to skin elasticity, firmness, fatigue, reduction in size and intensity of dark/brown spots, and wrinkle reduction.

Bringing Out Your Natural Glow

How quickly does it work, and how should it be taken, though?

As we shared earlier, Genius Glow Potion works systemically throughout the entire body. While the nootropic, anti-inflammatory, and energy benefits of the product can be felt as quickly as within a few days of use, the skin benefits will take 3-4 weeks to begin appearing on average. Because our skin needs time to renew itself the cosmetic results cannot be immediate. Great things take time if you want them done right.

We recommend consuming a single serving of Genius Glow Potion daily for the full 30 days that one bottle will provide you. This consistency is crucial for receiving desired skin results. For example, our French maritime pine extract Cosmythic demonstrated many of its skin benefits like wrinkle reduction and improved skin elasticity by the 28th day of its clinical studies, which followed consuming the ingredient daily.

To receive the full benefits that Genius Glow Potion can offer, the product should be taken consistently for 2-3 months daily. Some of the benefits, like dark spot reduction, can take up to 60 days to make progress. Because the product works from within your body, stopping use will not cause an immediate loss of benefits, but as always the best approach is consistency. Just one scoop a day will have your skin, mind, and body thanking you!

We know some of you are thinking: “I’d love to commit to more than a month, but will you offer a discount?”

No problem! Genius Glow Potion comes with subscription discounts on Amazon through the Subscribe & Save program. We plan to offer additional subscription options of our own here at this summer, too. Genius Glow Potion is a product that shines (or does it glow?) brightest as part of a regular wellness routine and we want you to experience its maximum benefits. The discounts just make sense.

There is no beauty product that unites the benefits of natural skincare, nootropics, and total body wellness the way Genius Glow Potion does. It is a revolutionary formula offering best-in-class ingredients that offer results you can see and feel. We’ve harnessed our experience working with nootropics, adaptogenic mushrooms, and many of the best natural ingredients to transform skincare from the inside out.

We’re confident that you will love Genius Glow Potion and cannot wait for you to discover the secret to natural radiance and vibrance waiting within.

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