Estrogen and Hormone Health

Estrogen and Hormone Health

Mood swings, acne, unexpected weight gain. What do these things have in common (other than being no fun)? They all tie into hormones.

The physical and mental side effects of hormonal shifts were once treated by healthcare providers as standard fare for PMS and menopause. However, women today feel confident about researching and taking control of their hormone balance as part of optimizing their overall health and wellness.

Estrogen is one of the most important hormones for women, which we will explore in this blog.

Estrogen’s Role in the Body

Estrogen refers to multiple hormones that are commonly grouped together as “estrogen hormones” or simply as “estrogens.” For women, these hormones most notably influence the reproductive system and help to regulate the menstrual cycle, but their importance extends to the heart, bones, skin, hair, brain, and many organ systems.

Both women and men possess estrogen naturally, but overall estrogen levels are higher for women than men just as overall testosterone levels are higher for men than women. 

The relationship between estrogen and other hormones like cortisol and those produced by the thyroid gland is complex. They need to maintain balance or problems can arise and snowball out of control. This is because if estrogen becomes elevated or lowered, other hormone levels will change in response to it.

The Need for Harmony

Elevated estrogen levels can be due to dietary choices, certain medications, and how an individual’s body naturally metabolizes estrogen daily. Some common responses to elevated estrogen levels are acne, PMS, bloating or weight gain, fatigue, and/or trouble sleeping.

Conversely, lowered estrogen levels typically occur for peri and post-menopausal women and the transition into menopause can be particularly uncomfortable. Common responses to depressed estrogen levels include hot flashes, joint and muscle pain, brain fog or focus difficulty, and lower libido.

For most women, experiencing times of elevated or low estrogen is rather common and not necessarily related to any serious medical condition. Discussing hormone health with your doctor is the best way to identify if signs of an imbalance are due to a more serious cause, such as a disease of the pituitary gland.

Genius Estrogen Balance

We created Genius Estrogen Balance as an ideal natural formula to help your body metabolize estrogen more easily and support body and brain wellness from the inside out.

Our primary hero ingredient is DIM, a natural phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. DIM is one of the most effective natural options for assisting the body’s metabolism of estrogen without introducing or altering any other hormones in the process. This helps to reduce or even avoid the discomfort of hormone shifts by supporting the body’s intended balance.

We include Grape Seed Extract as our second hero ingredient. Studies have shown that GSE is effective at improving some of the physical and mental discomforts associated with menopause, as well as promoting healthy blood pressure, brain function, and inflammation response.

Our final ingredient is BioPerine®, an extract created from black pepper. BioPerine® is a natural bioavailability enhancer, improving the absorption of other nutrients. We include it to ensure that the DIM and GSE in Genius Estrogen Balance delivers optimal value with every serving.

Genius Estrogen Balance is more than a supplement for keeping your hormones in harmony. This combination of ingredients supports relief for many common negatives that come with hormone shifts and promotes total body and mind wellness, all in a single daily capsule.

From hot flashes to unwanted weight gain, heart health to mental clarity, you’re more than covered with Genius Estrogen Balance. Take control of your hormone health and Supplement Smarter today.

A Word for the Guys

We’ve dedicated the majority of our focus to the benefits of Genius Estrogen Balance for women and hormone/estrogen health. However, Genius Estrogen Balance is also valuable for men who are looking for a natural estrogen blocker.

DIM’s ability to help the body metabolize estrogen can be ideal for men who are pursuing muscle building and weight loss while supplementing their testosterone. The benefits of grape seed extract for heart, brain, cholesterol, and inflammation apply to men, too.

For men seeking to supplement naturally for testosterone boosting and estrogen control, we recommend our Genius Test and Genius Estrogen Balance. This potent combination promotes healthy hormone balance for men while supporting mood, energy, muscle development, and libido. It’s the Genius way to optimize your male health and unlock greater physical wellness and mental performance.  

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