Harnessing Nootropics for Performance

Harnessing Nootropics for Performance

When was the last time you were “in the zone?

Seen from the outside, we often recognize when others are “in the zone” during creative performances that demand high execution. A violinist’s hands and fingers dance across her instrument for a solo as her fellow musicians prepare for the next movement of an orchestra performance.

The concert hall is packed to capacity, breathless with all eyes on the violinist, yet her eyes stare past her instrument, the room, and the audience. She plays magnificently as if nothing else existed to her except this one song. There is only the music. She is “in the zone.”

The zone refers to a state of focus where an individual’s performance at a given task rises beyond what seemed possible before. Such is the total alignment of the individual’s thoughts, will, and actions while in the zone that for a time nothing else seems to exist to them except the task they are engaged in. This is generally a highly desirable and extremely productive period for the individual.


Getting into “The Zone”

The zone isn’t exclusively available to creative people. We can all experience reaching that mental space of total focus whether we are business professionals, athletes, or simply engaging with a meaningful hobby. The catch is that we often can’t figure out how to reach that place within ourselves; we may feel close but still can’t zero-in on the task at hand.

One of the main reasons nootropics have become so popular is because of this desire to enter this high-performance state of mind more frequently and easily. What began in pharmaceutical spaces as a pursuit of “smart drugs” and medications expanded over decades to include the research and use of natural foods and substances to stimulate the brain.

The best part about these natural nootropic solutions is that they are available to everybody. You don’t need to pursue a specialized drug or medication. There are many different types of nootropics that can help stimulate focus, memory, learning, creativity, and finding that state of tunnel vision that characterizes being “in the zone”.

We understood the importance of nootropics from the very beginning of The Genius Brand. With few exceptions, our products are built upon a nootropics foundation, always aiming to improve our customers’ lives by supporting multiple areas of the mind and body at once.

What is the best Genius supplement for getting “in the zone?” That would be our Genius Consciousness, one of our most popular supplements of all time and the one that brings the most nootropics together.

Ignite Your Brainpower with Genius Consciousness

Genius Consciousness is designed to be a comprehensive nootropic solution for those who desire higher daily performance and productivity. We unite several clinically studied nootropic ingredients in the formula. There are three categories of nootropic substances we utilize: adaptogens, targeted herbs, and neurotransmitter enhancers.

For our adaptogens, we have the one and only Lion’s Mane mushroom. Lion’s Mane has a long history going back centuries and today is a subject of scientific research for anti-aging and reversing the effects of stress on the brain, like moderating the essential neuroprotein brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), supporting concentration and brain function.

Our targeted herbs are Huperzia serrata and the Coffee arabica fruit. Huperzia serrata is standardized to 1% Huperzine-A in Genius Consciousness: a potent natural chemical that has exhibited neuroprotective qualities in scientific studies. Coffee arabica is better known as the world-famous coffee plant. In the form of NeuroFactor™ we include it in Genius Consciousness for its capacity to stimulate the production of BDNF.

Neurotransmitter enhancers are our broadest category in Genius Consciousness, including methylliberine, Alpha-GPC, and phosphatidylserine. These compounds are aimed at supporting the brain’s cognitive functions like memory, concentration, creativity, and learning. They help support the body’s creation and uptake of BDNF and nerve growth factor (NGF), both of which influence the development of new neurons and the maintenance and protection of existing neurons.

Give Yourself the Genius Edge

Why does Genius Consciousness come with so many different nootropic ingredients? Why not focus on just one or two when they seem to have similar benefits?

Every individual’s brain chemistry is unique and it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance. At The Genius Brand, we are dedicated to creating synergy between our key ingredients to unlock the highest potential possible for our customers. Overloading on a few select nootropics poses both safety risks (“too much of a good thing” is a very real problem in the supplement industry) and misunderstands how the brain operates.

There is no single “silver bullet” nootropic to load up on; our brain wants many types of cognition-boosting nutrients and vitamins. And it wants them in moderation.

Genius Consciousness is formulated with both safety and effectiveness in mind. It is a truly comprehensive supplement that seeks to unlock and enhance mental performance by supporting the brain from multiple angles using researched ingredients and sensible dosage sizes. Delivered in a powdered form, one scoop (or even a half scoop) added to water will provide you with a nootropic cocktail to ignite your brain’s potential.

Expand your mind and get “in the zone” today. Supplement Smarter and stay Genius.

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