The Smart Nootropic Enhancer – Genius Joy & Wellbeing

The Smart Nootropic Enhancer – Genius Joy & Wellbeing

We want to be at our best every day. Our response to every challenge and opportunity we face daily is within our control even if everything else in life is out of our control. True satisfaction in life starts when we can separate our minds from the noise and distractions of the external world and zero in on what truly matters.

Getting in touch with that internal voice can be tougher than ever in today’s busy world. Stress runs higher, even small setbacks can start feeling like defeats. We want to do what is best for ourselves, but our minds are pulled in a thousand directions and grow exhausted more easily.

How can we get back to our best selves?

Biohacking Motivation & Mood

We developed Genius Joy to help all of us who have dealt with these challenges and questions. Genius Joy is formulated with carefully selected ingredients to provide an extra layer of mental resilience, supporting positive mood and energy. We included nootropics that can bolster focus and provide an overall cognitive boost to help clear away brain fog.

Genius Joy includes plenty of vitamins and amino acids proven to support the brain, energy levels, and balance mood. We also include a variety of high-quality nootropic ingredients to further support emotional wellbeing and daily focus.

Formulating Joy - Ingredients

B-Vitamins are essential for a healthy brain and are found in citrus fruits and avocados. B12 is especially valuable for a balanced mood, but that doesn’t mean taking B12 by itself is the best solution. Studies into Vitamin B and its impact on the brain have found that taking multiple B-vitamins together is better than focusing on just one or two.

A full serving of Genius Joy (4 capsules) provides more than the daily value (based on the FDA’s guidance) of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6 while providing twice or more of the daily value of B5 and B12. This means you can even take a half serving (2 capsules) of Genius Joy to add an ample amount of these vitamins to your daily routine.

Vitamin D is necessary for healthy neurodevelopment and we can gain it through extra sunlight exposure, seafood, mushrooms, and supplements. It is a popular vitamin to fortify foods with, but research in the last decade on dietary Vitamin D has found that many people living in North America, even those eating fortified foods, may still be deficient.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid found in foods like salmon and soy. It primarily helps keep our various neurotransmitters working and communicating smoothly. Studies into L-Tyrosine have also found that it may support memory and focus during stressful situations.

L-Theanine is another amino acid, most notably found in green tea. It is well known for the calming effect it has on the mind and emotions. Recent studies into L-Theanine have found it to be very promising as a nutraceutical for helping with executive functions like focus, memory, and organization.  

SAM-e is a compound our bodies make naturally and can acquire from supplements. It helps our brain slow the breakdown of key neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine so they can last longer, along with aiding the production of receptors that receive them.

Rhodiola rosea is an herb notable for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Studies have found that it can support fatigue and mood regulation. It also can provide anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin and help protect it from photoaging thanks to a unique antioxidant it contains.

Red Panax ginseng is one of the most popular herbs, often touted as a folk remedy for nearly all aspects of wellness. The scientific reality is still impressive, albeit more believable. Studies have found that it can assist the body with balancing different hormones and exhibits some anti-aging qualities, supporting stress and energy levels.

5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid that serves as a precursor to serotonin, one of the body’s most important hormones for mood regulation. While studies into 5-HTP have found it generally safe to supplement up to 300mg a day, we choose to err on the side of safety given its ability to directly impact important hormones and include just 100mg per full serving of Genius Joy.

NeuroFactor is a coffee fruit extract that is rich in polyphenols and can stimulate the production of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), an important neuroprotein for brain functions like memory and focus. BDNF helps our neurons grow and survive, supporting long-term brain health.

A Genius Attitude

We want Genius Joy to give you that extra support, the little push over the hill that lets you tap into your best self. It’s easier to adopt a productive outlook when your focus, energy, and emotional wellbeing are working in tandem.

Equip yourself with a champion’s mindset when taking on each day. You have the means to do so: Do not dwell on a loss! Provide yourself with the winning formula to unlock your human potential. It starts with your attitude and energy for the day ahead, and Genius Joy is here to help.

Be Genius and Achieve Your Best Self. Every Day.

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