Genius BCAA

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🟠 Quick Muscle Support: 5g vegan BCAAs, L-Glutamine for rapid recovery.

🟠 Versatile Energy: Perfect for pre-, intra-, post-workout; natural 100mg caffeine lift.

🟠 Sharper Focus: Cognizin and Rhodiola boost mental energy.

Flavor: Grape Limeade

I love this product. The flavor is great, I feel energized and I’m thankful that there are no suspicious sweeteners hidden inside.

Kate S

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

Angela H.

My order was lost, I have yet to receive it. I’ve ordered before with no problems. Your company is sending my order out today

Eric H.
Really helps with rejuvenating me!

As a 57 year old I really love using the BCAA from Genius Brand. I do 4 bootcamps a week and really need boost and recovery I get from this awesome supplement! Highly recommend!

Tyron S.

Great product. No Sucralose like these other products, which is a plus. I use it everyday and it gives me an added boost before, during, and after my workouts.

Adolfo C.
I really like the BCAA from Genius

I prefer the grape lime flavor over the orange, but this Genius BCAA has a good balance of aminos, plus the small amount of caffeine derived from coffee beans and Taurine and Citicoline blends. I prefer not taking a pre-workout so this is a great intra- and post workout powder.