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GENIUS BLOOD SUGAR combines the power of cinnamon and Dihydroberberine (DHB) to form a winning combination that supports blood sugar, superior body composition, and inflammation reduction.* Cinnamon offers rich antioxidant support for heart health and combatting inflammation.* DHB is up to 5x more effective than standard berberine, activating the AMPK enzyme and unleashing heightened cellular metabolism for increased energy and blood sugar management.*

Be a Brainiac


Maintain Healthy Glucose & Combat Inflammation

Tap into the benefits of an organic berberine and cinnamon supplement that targets lower blood sugar support and keeping inflammation down with natural antioxidants.*

5X More Effective Than Regular Berberine

Berberine is derived from herbs such as the Indian barberry and has decades of history in India and China as an aid for regulating blood glucose and insulin sensitivity. Genius Blood Sugar taps into the power of GlucoVantage Dihydroberberine (DHB) to deliver up to 5x the bioactive benefits of ordinary berberine.*

The Strength of Cinnamon

The true spice of life is not variety but cinnamon. Science continues to reveal the healing benefits of this ancient spice, including its capacity to lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and even support strong cardiovascular health.*

Push Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet to New Levels

Research shows that berberine activates the enzyme AMPK, which regulates cellular metabolism, and by promoting AMPK, your body can strive for improved energy levels.* Let berberine empower your body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and weight: synergizes with BHBs and forms an ideal combo with Keto Genius for the ultimate longevity stack.*

When & How to Use

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule with a meal.

How to Stack

Better Energy, Glucose & Weight Management Support: Take one (1) serving of Keto Genius with one (1) capsule of Genius Blood Sugar.*

Additional Weight Loss Support: Stack your daily serving of Genius Blood Sugar with your daily serving of Genius Burn.

Added Support for Metabolism and Energy: Take one (1) capsule of Genius Blood Sugar with one (1) capsule of Genius Pro-GT with your morning meal.