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YOUTHFUL RADIANT SKIN - Genius Glow Potion provides several handpicked natural ingredients, selected for their excellent antioxidant content. Organic lemon powder, beet juice powder, blueberry extract, acai extract, rhodiola, ginseng, and super antioxidant Capros supply your skin with the nutrients it needs for daily radiance.

I've went though two jugs of this and I'm very impressed! I've been using this in conjunction with Genius Eternal for a few months now. I've been very surprised by how well it has worked! I noticed the slight lines under my eyes have been dramatically reduced! My skin has also been doing better and less prone to break outs! My skin also does seem to have a healthy glow. I don't see this on Genius website anymore so I'm assuming it's discontinued? I might have to search around for a similar product since this helps with confidence. Since a lot of IT jobs are returning to the office it's important to maintain your look and try to increase your charisma. Between this and Eternal my confidence has went up quite a bit! I also enjoy the taste of this product. I don't think I'd be willing to pay full price right now since I'm trying to cut back on expenses but I can thoroughly recommend this. BTW, I'm a male.

Taylen W

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This powder is amazing! I have rosecea and it limits the duration and the intensity of the breakout. It also tastes good and helps my water intake for the day!

Timothy S.
The wife loves it

Obviously, it will take more than a couple weeks to start noticing its full benefits. However, my wife loves the flavor and does feel a slight, but clean, “boost” when she takes the genius mushrooms along with it. This will be part of her daily supplementation from here on.