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🟠 Better Sleep Quality: Low-dose Melatonin with L-Theanine, Glycine, and Inositol.

🟠 Grogginess-Free Mornings: Dosed for non-habit forming benefits.

🟠 Adrenal Health: Rutaecarpine removes caffeine from body, enhancing sleep quality.


Made me a believer after years of struggling! I have tried every sleep aid out there that you can think of and nothing has ever worked as good for me as this product right here. Most of the products out there are loaded with melatonin. Yes melatonin makes you fall asleep fast and all that good stuff but it can really screw up your sleep patterns and your body can become dependent on it to fall asleep. This product has half a gram of melatonin which is proved to be the perfect amount to avoid dependence but still provide the benefits.

Aaron R.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathy W.
Works gently

Doesn’t knock you out but it’s gentle. You do have vivid dreams with it

Ron K.

I find your sleep aid to be occasionally useful. I have plenty of pills at this time please do not send more and please take me off your email list. Thank you.

Tammy G.

Genius Sleep Aid

Nicole A.
I never received the product

I was about to reach out when I saw this email. I never received the product that I ordered.

Susan D.
Like a lullaby

Take it enough time before bed and kiss insomnia goodbye 😘